Award Winning a Box of Happiness Hongmei 58 Villa

Botta Lai Discloses The a Box of Happiness Hongmei 58 Villa

Botta Lai , the author of the displayed design Hongmei 58 Villa by Botta Lai points out, The elapse of four seasons is just like a flashing moment. No matter how the light and shadows change, the true affection hiding behind the space remains the sam <Cropped>

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Chess Set by Suha Suzen

Suha Suzen Demonstrates The Nest Chess Set

Suha Suzen, the designer of the highlighted design Suha Suzen's Nest Chess Set illustrates, Nest is a set of chess, which togetherness and peace are taken as a concept. Designed as a meaningful gift, Nest can be used as an exhibition object with <Cropped>

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User Interface Competition

New Ux Design Contest On Pharmathek and Desall Invite You to Rethink The Graphic Interface and The User Experience of The Application Dedicated to Their Warehouse Systems.user Interface Competition New Ux Design Contest On Pharmat

New ux design contest on pharmathek and desall invite you to rethink the graphic interface and the user experience of the application dedicated to their warehouse systems.User interface competition new ux design contest on ph <Cropped>

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Boundless by Peng-Hsu Chen

Peng-Hsu Chen Designs The Boundless Interior Design For Community

Peng-Hsu Chen, the designer of the awarded work Interior Design for Community by Peng-Hsu Chen illustrates, Boundless –where humanities meet community The site is a mixed use apartment building situated in the famous philosophical neighborhood in T <Cropped>

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Award Winning Eleva Restroom Lavatory System

Jingwei Dang Shares The Eleva Restroom Lavatory System

Jingwei Dang, the creator of the displayed project Restroom Lavatory System by Jingwei Dang points out, Human height is different through age and personal condition. It causing a lot of difficulty for children and people with disabilities in public r <Cropped>

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Data Fabrication For Exhibition:tangible Data by Kyuha Shim

Kyuha Shim Creates The Tangible Data Data Fabrication For Exhibition

Kyuha Shim, the maker of the displayed design Data Fabrication for exhibition by Kyuha Shim explicates, Design and Information Technology have changed the way we live our everyday lives. Development of effective 3D Printing techniques have inspired m <Cropped>

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Acclaimed Designer's Fashion Interaction Dress

Acclaimed Designer Reveals The Fashion Interaction Dress

The project leader of the awarded design FASHION INTERACTION by Acclaimed Designer explicates, it's a communicative,interactive,programmable garment based on a wearable LED matrix screen,capable to interact with user trough digital interface lik <Cropped>

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Award Winning Ocd Brooch

Luyi Sun Presents The Ocd Brooch

Luyi Sun , the thinktank behind the award winning design Award Winning Ocd Brooch explains, The piece is inspired by Neil Hilborn's poem "OCD". The silver petals are composed to look like an angelic figure that embodies the girl in the <Cropped>

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House by Tang Zhi Tao

Tang Zhi Tao Shows The Green Leisure House House

Tang Zhi Tao, the architect of the displayed project House by Tang Zhi Tao says, This is the second house of the client, she requirement more founctions compairing with the pervious one, in order to leave more interactive space with her daughter. The <Cropped>

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The Fourth Long Quan%u201clong Yun Cup%u201dinternational Bamboo and Wood Products Innovation Competition

Using Raw Bamboo, Thin Bamboo, Bamboo Glued Wood, Bamboo Fiber and All Kinds of Wood, or Bamboo/Wood as The Main Combination of Other Materials For Product Innovation Design.the Type of Products Including Household Life, Office and Leisure, Health and E

Using raw bamboo, thin bamboo, bamboo glued wood, bamboo fiber and all kinds of wood, or bamboo / wood as the main combination of other materials for product innovation design.the type of products including household life, office and leisure, health <Cropped>

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