Transformable Chairs/Cofee Table by Claudio Sibille

Claudio Sibille Spotlights The Sensei Transformable Chairs/Cofee Table

Claudio Sibille, the author of the award winning design Sensei - Transformable chairs/cofee table by Claudio Sibille demonstrates, The Sensei Chairs/cofee table is a piece of furniture that like most of my creations, begin by finding new ways to take advantage of small spaces through geometrical random drawings. The style of this project is pointed in a minimalist fashion, where we have no curves, but instead we have lines, planes and neutral colors, such as black and white. The chairs, when set horizontally and joined by their backs, gives us a cofee table. The middle section of the table (where the backs are set together) is amazingly strong, and one can sit down on the middle without even moving the table..

Transformable Chairs/Cofee Table by Claudio Sibille Images:


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